Welcome to our home page that presents our farm and who lives there.

Bagge gotlandsfår

At Vreta Farm we have old Swedish races such as Gotland’s sheep, Swedish old races of chicken and rabbits and “farm cats”. For us the nature, the natural cycle and and a down to earth way of life is central. The animals should be outside and be able to express their natural behaviors as much as they can.

Vreta Farm offers small-scale tourism and courses (sheep, chickens, nature & outdoor courses). Annette also hold courses in emergency preparedness, CPR and first aid.

We have a campsite in the forest, equipped with a timber shelter and a dry toilet/outdoor toilet.

Gotland sheep farm providing lovely curly gray skins and wool . Vreta farm also sells lamb meet in autumn on preorder. The farm's herd is ranked among the best in terms of quality skins, which shows in glorious skin with luster and shine. We also sell breeding animals.

We have a farm shop and a web shop, if you live abroad and are interested in our products, please contact us personally by mail.

Nature is important and we think it is fun to work for wild animals, insects and plants to thrive on our land.

Annette is educated nature guide. We speak English, French (and little bit German).

More is to be translated on our website. Please contact us if you wonder something about us, or products or our tourism activities or courses. In the mean time please read and use google translate for the Swedish parts of tourisme.